Dan Shyti

The Toast Doctor

Dan is a professional speaker and presentation coach who has written countless speeches for clients. When you work with the Dan, you are benefiting from his years of experience in audience engagement.

As the published author of two books, Dan is skilled in the art of language. Whether you’re trying to touch hearts or generate hearty belly laughs, Dan delivers results. The Toast Doctor will help you write and rehearse a memorable toast that will be a hit at your event.

My Approach

I’ve developed a structured interview approach that will help you organize the key facts upon which we can build a memorable, heart-warming toast.

I’ll then write a draft for you or edit the draft you’ve written to make sure it has the punch and pizzazz you want. We’ll incorporate the best rhetorical devices that professional speakers use to give your toast just the right timing and ring.

Finally, I’ll teach you how to practice and rehearse the toast with you to help you get comfortable.